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Our Products

Quality Kitchens
Kitchen styles & designs for every taste.

Bespoke Bedrooms
Custom made designs for the ideal bedroom.

Innovative Offices
Offices to make you feel at home, at work.

Full computerised drawings
To let you visualise the finished product.

Installion Service
Professional teams to ease the process for you.

Welcome to Our Website

A meeting of 2 people, one wood machinist and one joiner, who between them started Unit Design Kitchen & Bedroom Company, opened its doors in September 1977. The company has gained a reputable name amongst its competitors for providing quality tailor-made units. The units are made on-site in the factory where the latest production methods are applied. The main strength is the ability to produce locally and the ability to diversify.

Our designers are specially trained to help fulfill your unique requirements and create the perfect kitchen for you, and our furniture is custom designed and built to fit your home and lifestyle.

How to Find Us